Time-critical ArtInterviewMaterialReliefCollages in morbid aesthetics by Robert Köster.

12 oversized compositions, plastic, relief-like collages provoke, invite to take a closer look and to critically approach current issues. Talking about it is the goal, discussing in dialogue, the haptic experience, to touch and be touched, to understand. Widening the perspective, surprised as the insignificant little becomes seemingly great. The approach reveals the whole truth.

Nothing is as it seems. Viewed from a distance much appears to be tasteful. Then, looking closer, one is overwhelmed by disgust. Thousands of rotting gums, arranged into a colossal GenNuss, spoiling any appetite. And just like that, the subject of “gene-manipulated, toxically contaminated and synthetically produced food” is on everyone's lips.

And anyway: what do Lego bricks have to deal with the Vatican, gummi bears with libido and plastic syringes with the self-serving mentality of the chemical industry? That's to figure out. Chewing gum carcasses, toy cars, clothes pins, bicycle tires, rubber gloves, cable ties, condoms, Barbie dolls and pens are the debris of a fragile world. Composed transiently, in a chaotic order, bleak, brutal, archaic and in morbid aesthetics.

Small everyday objects, made of seemingly imperishable materials such as plastic, transforming in a kind of metamorphosis, via artistic corrosion, to provocative, rust-eaten, heavy trays with a need for discussion.

Corrosion clarifies transience, rust illustrates the process of a final destruction and forms the foundation for a hopeful new beginning. Rust levels and provides a new order for into the ever-present chaos. Time passes, questions remain.

The whole issue is frightful and fair at the same time. The colors range from dark rust corrosion and varying shades of patina to the cheerful iridescent orange of blooming rust. The diversity of structures and materials used release an experimental joy.

Dreamt creativity seeks a valve and solidifies in an oxidative atmosphere, coarse, yet sensitive, melancholy is palpable. 12 compositions set a beginning, asking for a dialogue...

ArtStuff is WorkStuff, becomes RustStuff, then TalkStuff.