The Kapsch Group has charged me with the development of a CoreTrait in October 2011. The first CoreTrait!

A CoreTrait means the portrayal of a company core with my chosen creative means, respecting my artistic freedom.

As a result my work is always showing "my artistic approach to the respective company."

In this specific case it deals with the Kapsch Group, a leading technology enterprise in Austria. With approximately 5,000 employees around the world! The businesses include traffic, communications and networking/IT. Three business areas that are covered by three separate business corporations: Kapsch TrafficCom, Kapsch CarrierCom and Kapsch BusinessCom.

The example of the Kapsch Group shows that contemporary art can be more than mere decoration. The triptych made for Kapsch focusses on the company and its range of services in terms of a lasting artistic presentation. The CoreTrait presents the Kapsch Group's identity, conveys values and invites to a positive dialogue.

As an interior architectural and inspiring ensemble this form of corporate presentation adds value to the business premises. Completely customized to the enterprise. In any case an eye-catcher, inspirational and image-building. Attractive design with a guaranteed increase in value. Unique and perhaps soon a striking part of a PR offensive.

Within a CoreTrait, the company is the hero, it's unique! A very real part of an artistic creation. With the courage to stand out. To show a new form of profile, a strong idea with long-term impact and inspiration for a refreshing dialogue about the company!

To learn more about the company, its history, its corporate values and the business philosophy of the Kapsch Group, please visit