With heart, hand and mind ... is a CoreTrait, a portrait of the company's core, from the perspective of the artist. This CoreTrait is dedicated to the Kapsch Group.

Important: At first, let the triptych effect yourself from a distance! THREE is a particular number running like a "RGB thread" all through the Kapsch Group project.

Quite clear: The group consists of THREE separately operating corporations, so for this task it was obvious to arrange THREE entities to a group of images, a triptych.

Each individual company, in turn, is best represented with THREE levels: the core of the activity, then the connecting network-level AND the external work, ie the specialization in specific technologies, solutions and services. The center, which is the relevant kernel of each object, forms a metamorphosis between the inside of a computer, with its technical elegance, and the people, represented by major organs, linked with the outside world, exposed to eternal decay, consisting of cars, telephones and railroads. I would like to apologize and assure eventually present customers, that this is not meant personally, but rather philosophical.

Since all good things come in THREES, the THREE-dimensionality of my presentation fits as well to the project, as the choice of the THREE primary colors (RGB yellow, red, blue).

Even on approach, the THREE adds further meaning: A superficial glance at form and color spends a first impression “Computer? Chip? Technology?” - in each case, a technical structure. The second step will guide you closer, clearly suggesting that something is different. And on THREE, the observer is very close to the object, seeing details and trying to touch the objects. Hands-on my CoreTraits is not only allowed but encouraged. Tenderly please!

The question of the core of Kapsch is personally answered by my CoreTrait like this: “The innovative spirit of the group ermerges from the people, its employees. They do their job with heart, hand and mind, thus forming the core, the particular value of this company!”