20 years of advertising influence. The way of working. Objectives are defined, the time frame is given. But advertising was yesterday, today's Art. Intuitive work is asked, open range instead of fenced corridors. Design is meditation.

The critical discussion of socially relevant issues is the starting point. From here. An affair of the heart. The task is defined quickly, a line is found. Images evolving the head, briefly listed in text form. A folder is growing, full of ideas, most of which are rejected, 12 are selected. My number is twelve!

Implementation starts. Material must be collected. Hundreds of toy cars, thousands of pens. A true warehouse arises. Even more chewing gum to be chewed and prepared. Patience is required.

Patience also with layout and installation. A bit like puzzles from scratch. Step by step the form comes into being. Directly onto the wood, intuitively and without a template. Much later, color shows up. Aesthetics are important! And if the result does not please right, the whole game starts all over.

One thing above all: freely creating is wonderful. The playful work with different materials, shapes and colors. Somehow, meditation, good for the soul. A goal in mind, a vision, and the time is forgotten. Finally still missing is the dialogue. The crowning glory! Art does not belong in museum temples only. Art comes to the people, excites, provokes, asks questions that help to understand, provides impetus for an even better company. Satisfaction!